Julie Blamphin...

Is obsessed with cartwheels and alone time, can whistle like a champ, and loves to laugh, dance, travel, and dream in Spanish.

Has been featured in Livestrong Magazine, The Leading Lady Podcast, Baltimore Banner, The Dr. Kinney Show, WMAR 2 News, and AARP The Ethel.

Is known for her positive vibe and raw authenticity, Julie inspires women to feel joyful, stable, and sexy through movement and stillness.

Has been teaching yoga since the age of 12 years old in her mother's school of gymnastics. This western New York native has wandered the world far and wide, lived in places like Spain and Italy, and currently resides in Annapolis Maryland USA.

Julie is a yoga pro, speaker, retreat leader, and the founder of Stretch Your Spirit. Her teaching approach is a synthesis of western science together with eastern wisdom. Her experience and education includes (but is not limited to) Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (2009), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Pelvic Floor Yoga with Leslie Howard, Transcendental Meditation, Laughter Yoga, and The MELT Method with Sue Hitzmann.