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Celebrate the Pelvic Floor

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Do you leak when you laugh? Is sex a thing of the past because of the pain? How many times per day (and night!) do you visit the loo? And when you're there -- do you feel relief and/or anxiety? One more question: Are you practicing Kegel exercises and do you know they may be doing you more harm than good?!

Yes, ladies -- pelvic floor issues are common to more than 50% of us. (Ahem.) I daresay it's WAY more because most of us keep it hush-hush and/or suck it up and just live with it. But let's NOT live in fear of wetting our pants or painful sex for the remainder of our days. Let's celebrate that pelvic floor! All we need is knowledge and practice. Although she may currently be wreaking havoc on our lifestyle, the pelvis is a sacred space so let's treat her as such. 


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Your FREE QUIZ will point you in the right direction toward pelvic floor strength and stability!

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Julie Blamphin is the founder of Stretch Your Spirit Retreats and Celebrate the Pelvic Floor. In 2010, she received her 200hr certification with YogaFit International and has since continued her study of the chakras, myofascial release, laughter, mindfulness, and the pelvic floor. Julie's personal yoga journey began as a gymnast more than 40 years ago in her mother's school of gymnastics in upstate New York. At the age of 12, she began teaching young Special Olympians -- practicing balance, flexibility, strength, & sensory awareness. This experience was the foundation for her life work. And ever since, Julie has committed her teachings in a myriad of ways & worlds. Currently creating a buzz about women's pelvic floor wellness, she has an online membership program, speaks at local events, hosts international retreats, and teaches private yoga practice online and in Annapolis Maryland.


"Stretch Your Spirit as been a wonderful endeavor for me. Since 2009, Julie has helped me to strengthen my soul and my body. Her energetic and positive personality makes her a great motivator and person. I even scheduled a private session with her on the morning of my wedding so as to put myself in the right frame of mind for the big day – it was great!" (Kate M., Severn Maryland)

"Julie -- After a year and a half of yoga with you, I am a total believer. I recommend yoga to everyone I know and to most of my clients.  I like my body better now than ever and I feel like my arms are getting and looking stronger. Either that or I am having body image distortion in a positive way (which wouldn't be a bad thing anyway)! I also enjoy all the people I've met in your practices and think that "yoga people" are special, non-judgmental, and fun! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!" (Laurie F., Psychiatrist, Annapolis MD)

"I have healed, grown, toned, laughed and loved at Stretch Your Spirit and for all these reasons, I thank you Julie! Hugs, Peace and Love! " (Patti F., Annapolis Maryland")


"When you're overweight & have severe arthritis, one often wonders if you're capable of practicing yoga. I can tell you from first-hand experience that with the right yoga instructor... yes, you can! I never dreamed that I'd be able to get up & down from the floor after a period of deconditioning prior to joint replacements. Not only can I do that now, but Julie Blamphin has assisted me in many other accomplishments that have improved my quality of life with regards to pain & mobility. She is excellent in making the necessary adjustments to fit my needs. Because of her approach, I have learned to listen to my body cues in a much more productive & positive way. The knowledge I have achieved concerning my own body surpasses anything I previously intellectually understood from my experience & training as a lifelong health care provider. Yogini Julie is a positive motivator & caring guide on this physical & spiritual path. It has been a privilege to have such a guide to safely assist me in acquiring improved flexibility, enhanced body awareness, ability to try without fear, less pain, & overall wellness. Achieving these outcomes without incurring further injury has been due to the astute accommodations that Julie makes at each yoga practice. I highly recommend Julie Blamphin! You will not be disappointed in any way & will be astounded at your progress if you listen & open yourself to this holistic approach." (Barbara B., Retired Nurse, Annapolis Maryland)

"After only 6 months of yoga, the tight jeans I was hoping to wear again slid right up and over my hips!" (Kim C., Gambrills Maryland)

“I LOVE THIS YOGA PRACTICE!! I feel so much better. I am so much stronger. My stress has been reduced and I sleep better. I am delighted to say that I have become a much more balanced and happy person. We all have such a fun time together that I have been able to diligently practice 3 x a week for an entire year and I have never been able to maintain that dedication to any program before. Of course Yoga is wonderful, but the true difference at Stretch Your Spirit is JULIE!! She is a fabulous sparkle of light and joy! Namaste. (Lisa C., Annapolis Maryland)