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Julie Blamphin

Yoga Pro | Speaker | Retreat Guide

Inspiring you to feel joyful, stable, and sexy through movement and stillness. 

Women's Retreat: Atenas, Costa Rica

May 1st - 6th 2023



"Stretch Your Spirit as been a wonderful endeavor for me. Since 2009, Julie has helped me to strengthen my soul and my body. Her energetic and positive personality makes her a great motivator and person." (Kate M., Severn Maryland)

"Julie -- I am a total believer. I recommend yoga to everyone I know and to most of my clients.  I like my body better now than ever and I feel like my arms are looking stronger. Either that or I am having body image distortion in a positive way (which wouldn't be a bad thing anyway)! I also enjoy all the people I've met in your practices and think that "yoga people" are special, non-judgmental, and fun! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!" (Laurie F., Psychiatrist, Annapolis MD)

"I have healed, grown, toned, laughed and loved at Stretch Your Spirit and for all these reasons, I thank you Julie! Hugs, Peace and Love! " (Patti F., Annapolis Maryland")

"When you're overweight & have severe arthritis, one often wonders if you're capable of practicing yoga. I can tell you from first-hand experience that with the right yoga instructor... yes, you can! I never dreamed that I'd be able to get up & down from the floor after a period of deconditioning prior to joint replacements. The knowledge I have achieved concerning my own body surpasses anything I previously intellectually understood from my experience & training as a lifelong health care provider. Yogini Julie is a positive motivator & caring guide on this physical & spiritual path. It has been a privilege to have such a guide to safely assist me in acquiring improved flexibility, enhanced body awareness, ability to try without fear, less pain, & overall wellness. Achieving these outcomes without incurring further injury has been due to the astute accommodations that Julie makes at each yoga practice. I highly recommend Julie Blamphin!" (Barbara B., Retired Nurse, Annapolis Maryland)

"After only 6 months of yoga, the tight jeans I was hoping to wear again slid right up and over my hips!" (Kim C., Gambrills Maryland)

“I LOVE THIS YOGA PRACTICE!! I feel so much better. I am so much stronger. My stress has been reduced and I sleep better. I am delighted to say that I have become a much more balanced and happy person. We all have such a fun time together that I have been able to diligently practice 3 x a week for an entire year and I have never been able to maintain that dedication to any program before. Of course Yoga is wonderful, but the true difference at Stretch Your Spirit is JULIE!! She is a fabulous sparkle of light and joy! Namaste. (Lisa C., Annapolis Maryland)

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