SYS Wellness Retreat for Women 2018

Merida, Mexico

Why not Nicaragua, you ask?

Yes, our plans were set in stone. Fourteen of us were packed and ready for the  inaugural SYS retreat. Six days before our departure for Nicaragua, we heard of the civil unrest. Upon advisement from a friend at the US State Department, we made the decision. Did I mention this was six days before departure? AGH! The Nicaragua plans were bust. Yes, I freaked out just a little every other minute.

But we go with the flow! Many decisions were made in a few short days and an entirely new itinerary was planned. Hey, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Wrong! You make a margarita. Vamos a Mexico!

It was an amazing retreat -- inspiring, profound, exciting, and fun. Plans are already taking shape for the next one!         443.370.4162
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