SYS Open Group Practices

RESTORATIVE YOGA for WOMEN: Small group. Private space. Women only. A calm, gentle, restorative practice focusing primarily on stretching, breathing, and relaxation... 'going inward'. 

Mondays 12pm

Annapolis Maritime Museum

723 Second Street Annapolis MD

Just show up! Bring your friends and neighbors.

Drop-In: $10

Mondays 7pm 

Thrive, 915 Bay Ridge Avenue Annapolis MD

Monthly: $55

or Drop-In: $15

Please email or text to inquire if space is available.


Thursdays 545pm

Severna Park Wellness Center, 877 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd, Ritchie Court Bldg, Suite 202, Severna Park MD

Monthly: $55

or Drop-In: $15

Please email or text to inquire if space is available.


SYS Personal Practices: 'Yoga for You' 

For both women and men... we begin with your consultation, then your personal practice will be customized just for you. Whether you seek meditation only, a strong powerful practice for strength and toning, a calm restorative practice to relieve stress and pain, or all of the above, your practice will be structured just for you. Reach out to me for more details and scheduling. See below for other options for your personal program.


Couples Program

Increasing stamina & flexibility, the Couples Yoga Program develops a renewed sense of intimacy through ancient practices. In the reflection of the Tantra yoga tradition, your program will consist of partner posing, breathing techniques, & relaxation practices to deepen intimacy & stimulate sexual energy.


Zen Party

Enjoying a full hour of gentle or power yoga with your favorite friends. Perfect for ladies night, book club, bachelorette party...!


Pre-Wedding Program

Fiancee Yoga -- Celebrate your commitment. An intimate yoga practice with partner-assisted poses for the bride & groom, bride & bride, or groom & groom.

Bride-To-Be Yoga -- Keep your mind calm prior to the big celebration. Maintain your inner peace with gentle yoga.

Wedding Party Yoga -- Enjoy a gentle or power practice with your favorite friends... perfect for the bridal shower or bachelorette party.


Guided Meditations

Allow yourself a journey into relaxation, self-discovery & awareness.

Note: Yoga for You personal practice rates & locations are to be determined. Please contact me directly to schedule -- call/email/text -- or 443.370.4162. Payment accepted in cash, check, or credit card.



Thrive Annapolis

915 Bay Ridge Avenue


Severna Park Wellness Center

877 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd

Ritchie Court Bldg, Suite 202


SYS Policy for Personal Practices: To reserve preferred day(s)/time(s), all practices must be pre-paid. Any practice cancelled within 24 hours is forfeit as a Personal Practice; however, it can be made up in any Open Group Practice within 1 month or you may bring a friend as your make-up. Any rescheduling of Personal Practice cancelled outside of 24 hours is your responsibility & must happen within 1 month.


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