A Remote Island off the Southern Pacific Coast of Panama? Aahhh...

Deep breath. Pause and feel peace. Here you are -- on a remote island off the southern Pacific coast of Panama. You've prepared for an idyllic time away. Now unplug and just savor your stay.

. . .

We've done all the planning for you! Just bring a swimsuit, your sweetie, and a smile. Once we arrive, you deepen your breath. You decide -- take a nap? a paddle? read a book? go fishing? get a massage? Easy breezy. Every day is a lovely day of natural beauty and ancient history on 400 acres of beaches and rainforest. Just relax, trust, and let go. You'll move and groove by land and by sea. There's total privacy yet tons of fun. Every day, you'll have plenty of options -- yoga, meditation, fishing, wandering, paddling, snorkeling, and more. And as the sun sets on the horizon, maybe you'll sit awhile on the beach then stroll slowly along the shoreline.

Find that secret smile on the face and feel it in the heart.

Stretch Your Spirit in Panama!

. . .

Retreat Package Includes

7 Days / 6 Nights

Round-Trip Flights

Transportation (in US & Panama)

Luxury Oceanfront Suites

Meals and Activities

Fresh Drinking Water

Plenty of Free Time

Private Pool


Private Chef




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What kind of feedback from the last SYS Retreat...? It was said to be "soulful, genuine, relaxing, meaningful, restorative, enlightening, and fun". One retreater said "My yoga journey has only just begun...!"